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  About Us  

established 1828

  • Worship and Christian Education
  • In Home Communion
  • Women of the Church Fellowship
  • Community Bible School
  • First Communion and Confirmation Program
  • Baptisms
  • Weddings
  • Pastoral and Marriage Counseling
  • Community and World Wide Mission
  • Community Outreach Clothing Bank
  • Greater Clear Spring Ministerium
  • Home of the Clear Spring Area Food Bank

Historical Sketch
Nestled near the foot of Fairview Mountain in western Maryland is the small country town of Clear Spring. It is situated along the National Pike (Route 40) approximately eighty-two miles west of Baltimore. From the fifteenth into the twentieth century, it was the main road from the east coast going west. The town was incorporated in 1821. Clear Spring was a place of commerce meeting the needs of the rural residents, a stopping point for travelers who needed supplies, and a place to rest. Many German Lutherans had settled in the area.

In 1828, the Maryland and Virginia Synod organized St. Peter's Lutheran Church in the town of Clear Spring. The first church was built in union with the Reformed congregation.

In 1860, the Lutherans paid the Reformed congregation nine hundred dollars for their share of the church and it has been Lutheran since that time. The Reformed congregation reserved the right to bury in the graveyard.

An unfortunate event of nature occurred on Valentine's Day, February 14,1875 destroying the original church. Lightning struck the church around 5:00P.M. during an unusual winter storm. Fueled by high winds, the building was quickly reduced to ashes. It burned so hot the church bell melted. Early the next day, members of the congregation made plans to rebuild immediately. The building process was completed the following year and dedicated on July 16, 1876 and the total cost of $6000.00 was fully met on the day of the dedication. It stands on the site of the original church.

One hundred and ninety years since that diastrous event, brothers and sisters in Christ gather together to worship God, giving praise and thanksgiving for our many blessings, praying for guidance to do His will.

You are always welcome, whether passing through on a journey or looking for a spiritual home.